I am Andrew, a Full-stack Software Engineer with a solid background in Mobile and Web Landscapes, an Agile and SCRUM Project Master, Software Architect, Design Creative and Founder of Tecmie, a platforms solution architect for small and enterprise organizations including Education, Business, Retail and Government.

Our strengths are in helping Startups prototype, test and launch their MVP with a clear growth and development strategy on their Tech and Design.

Aside that, I mentor and teach music, programming in online communities and at TETA, a Training Program for CTOs.

Most of my years after schools has been spent on sudying the tech startup ecosystem, learning to write softwares for the web, I love the web and how it has come to grow recently, I love opensource and try to contribute to open source software in any way I can, recently with a knack for softwares pioneering growth of midi interfaces over the web and pragmatic solutions for distribution of learning media resource in music over the years.

I believe in continous improvement, constantly learning to thrive and contribute to my communities, I am a die hard at something i set my mind on. Excellence is the utmost aim, I fear sometimes that staying at the top is hard when you get there, but why don’t we get there and worry about the former later.

In past two years I have consistently absorbed myself into learning ecosystems, that push further beyond technology, business, and people development, I personally have a very strong desire and passion to build technology solutions, and I believe in the depth of knowledge available on the internet.

I live the Life of a dreamer, create immersive experiences with music and technology and try to always stay happy and positive Sometimes it looks like i have a crazy lifestyle, but I am proud of everything that I am and will become.

I've written a blog since 2012 See my earliest Editions. . Unsurprisingly, over the years what I've written about has changed, reflecting whatever I've been interested in at the time. Sometimes I'll write about something that just grabs my attention, other times I may make a lot of reference to food, since my friends at LearnFactory has adorned me with the title 'Food for Africa'

Hopefully I would solve the hunger problem of rural communities in Africa
. I'll maintain this website as my personal journal from now on

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This site is built using Jekyll, a static site generator, and hosted by Netlify, who specialise in hosting static sites. Netlify connects to Git (well, Github, Gitlab and Bitbucket), which means that when I push a change to my repo, the website is updated. This is a very good way to work. I recommend Netlify — they also offer forms, redirects and even AWS services integration.

I use a Jekyll “framework” called Jekyll Tachyons, as it makes building a Jekyll site on the Tachyons CSS framework quick and easy. I like ⚡️.


The history of this website has come a long way in design over the years from complex to little to clean and small. would be sharing soon …