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Deadlines or Lifeline ?

As Project Managers or startup founders you many have come to a situation where you gave a developer a job to do for you with an ETA only to be dissapointed with

After Software Development what next ?

I recently came across an acquaintaince who had about 20 years of experience in the software development field, and was wondering what next he should do at this point in his career and life, though I didnt have the opportunity to share my answers to him, at the top of my head, these were my thoughts

Lessons learned from building for startups

Although we’d like to develop products and services iteratively, the truth is organisations think in terms of strict deadlines – and budgets. We product owners need to think about how we manage this.

How God Coded the High Priest Order

If Prayer had version control, we can argue that the alpha edition were experienced in the old testament, all protocols went through the high priest into the inner chamber who them dispatched(prayer.actions) through api.heaven. In this model prayer was a single threaded protocol.

Giving without expectation

Why is it easy for people to give when they have or most likely give with an expectation to receive, this is very popular within the African continent especially in Nigeria, that is why folks can invest in schemes like zarfund, mmm, ultimatecycle and the rest of them, because they have been promised to gain back how much they give with even a lot more profit.

Measuring User experience

Everyone thinks experience is important. After all, the argument goes, the ultimate reason for using any service is to experience something, whether that’s a sense of wonder and excitement when you discover something new, enjoyment at some particularly interesting writing or, more prosaically, a sense of relief at paying an overdue bill.