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Decoding the Future:
NFTs & Web3 in Open-source Economies

There is a divergence between opensource and decentralization and how the decentralized model of ownership can positively affect how opensource or public goods are produced, distributed and consumed within a decentralized economy.

I gave this Talk at the #OSCAFest22 of the Opensource Community Africa Festival in Lagos, Nigeria


March 2022


Slides, Video

Highlighting the evolution of Opensource economies

A key piece of advice that resonates across various fields is the importance of approaching concepts from first principles. In the rapidly growing crypto world, many people dive in without heeding this time-tested wisdom. My talk not only focused on NFTs and open-source economies but also adopted a first-principles approach to help the audience gain a clearer understanding of the various aspects of decentralized economies built on blockchain networks.

This talk is perfect for anyone looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the core concepts that drive the decentralized economy and the evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

Watch the session video replay here and check out the slide deck here. Additionally, you can read a reference article on LinkedIn.

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