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Digital Garden

As I continue to learn and explore new subjects, there are certain topics that I have not yet fully understood. In an effort to better grasp these concepts, I sometime write my thoughts in loose, un-opinionated notes on these subjects. These notes are meant to serve as a starting point for further learning and exploration.

Longform Opinions & Thoughts
03 β€” IDEAS


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Team Leadership Roles

From Dr. Meredith Belbins research on Team Leadership roles based on Action-Oriented, Thought Oriented and People-Oriented Team structures, He, Belbin defines a β€˜team role’ as β€œa tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way”. Therefore, by analysing how leadership is effected in teams you can categorise team leaders into the following.

Objective Driven Team Structure

Team members are often chosen for the wrong reasons: for example, they are often chosen because they have an interest in the project, because their wage is affordable, or most often simply because they are available. They are not chosen with Result Actualization based on Project objectives in mind. This brings to attention the need for developing a team formation structure with a focus on optimal output. Structuring teams for optimal output are at the core of the Result Driven Team Methodology

Why do teams fail ?

Most team problems arise from a lack in MOI, which stands for Motivation, Organization and Information, evidence from retrogressive teams prove that the lack of initial motivation and drive, or a clear sense of hierachy

Projects & Experiments

I experiment a lot with various ideas in tech and arts

Some of my Experiments