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Andrew excels at uniting valuepropositions with technology

Seasoned in software engineering, UX research, and product managementI excel as a Product Generalist, Design Thinker, Code Ninja, and AI Hacker at my Studio. My diverse expertise is well-suited for data-driven environments, blending tech innovation with strategic product development and user-centric design.


As I continue to learn and explore new subjects, there are certain topics that I have not yet fully understood. In an effort to better grasp these concepts, I sometime write my thoughts in loose, un-opinionated notes on these subjects. These notes are meant to serve as a starting point for further learning and exploration.

My recent obsession with xyz domains

While, well, walking backwards (don’t ask!), I stumbled upon something interesting: .xyz domains. Now, hear me out – these aren’t your run-of-the-mill domain extensions. Asides having a catchy ring to it, they’re incredibly affordable, especially in the first year.

The age of Multi-discipline

Following the insights from Github Universe, I am now more convinced than ever about a pivotal shift in the future of software development. The role of developers is evolving, steering towards becoming professional debuggers, akin to doctors in



Most of my talks focus on making complex topics simple. I’ve spoken at globally held events on a variety of topics, including JavaScript, blockchain, NFTs, AI, product and entrepreneurship. I’m passionate about making tech accessible to everyone, and I love using my platform to educate and inspire others.

Recently held talks & workshops
My entrepreneurship journey and Building ChatKJV , featuring Andrew Miracle Ai Kenya

AI Kenya — MawAidha Session with Andrew

I had the honor of being a part of the first mawAIdha session event, hosted by Ai Kenya. As an entrepreneur, AI consultant, and the creator of ChatKJV, I was thrilled to share my journey and experiences with the audience.

NFTs and The Future of Decentralized Ownership

NFTs and The Origins of Decentralized Ownership

This Slide is for my Talk at the Developer DAO Web3 Conference. Where I go over the origins of Ownership, how digitization created new opportunities, and ushered us into the Web3 Economy.


I experiment a lot with various ideas in tech & arts

Some of my Experiments
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