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My Digital Garden

A collection of essays, notes, and half-baked explorations I’m always tending to.


AI Kenya — MawAidha Session with Andrew

I had the honor of being a part of the first mawAIdha session event, hosted by Ai Kenya. As an entrepreneur, AI consultant, and the creator of ChatKJV, I was thrilled to share my journey and experiences with the audience.

Decoding the Future: NFTs, Web3 and Open-source Economies

This talk centers around NFTs & Opensource economies, however given it’s first principle narrative, it can be used to visualise every other aspect of decentralised economies that run atop a blockchain network.

NFTs and The Origins of Decentralized Ownership

This Slide is for my Talk at the Developer DAO Web3 Conference. Where I go over the origins of Ownership, how digitization created new opportunities, and ushered us into the Web3 Economy.

Leveraging CDP & Analytics to drive Product Intelligence

Understanding the details of your customer journey is the first step to ensure that you deliver amazing customer experiences to users of your digital product. In a modern age where CRM systems are no longer enough for the digital era.

Structuring a Javascript Project

In my presentation, I dive into the world of Javascript, which has become increasingly popular and versatile over the years. I

Doing Business the Open source way

In the presentation for Hacktoberfest in Aba, I talk about various open source business models and how organizations can use open source to validate their assumptions and build a supply chain for their products

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