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Chess in the Sands

Treasure Chess

Once upon a time, in a world that was as real as it was virtual, there existed a chessboard unlike any other. It wasn’t just a battleground for strategic minds, but a treasure map, a guide to untold riches hidden deep within the heart of Ancient Egypt, in the era of majestic pyramids and enigmatic Sphinx.

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Game, sketch, art, NFT

Concept Sketch

The bishops took the form of the wise and mysterious priests, and the queen, the most powerful piece on the board, was the beautiful and cunning Cleopatra herself. And then, there was the king, the Pharaoh, exuding power and majesty, the heart of the game and the kingdom.

Playing the game was like navigating through a grand adventure. Each move not only influenced the outcome of the game but also guided the players closer to the hidden treasure. Every check was a hurdle, every checkmate a significant breakthrough. The game was not just about winning but unraveling the mysteries of a civilization that had fascinated the world for centuries.


ASCII Flash cards

What added to the intrigue was the concept of integrating blockchain technology, taking the adventure off-chain, giving each player ownership over their game progress, their victories, and their discovered treasures. It was not just a game but an investment in an experience, an opportunity to own a piece of history, even if it was digital.

This project, currently in the sketch exploration phase. Apart designing the aesthetic, the aim is to create an immersive experience that could transport players back in time while keeping one foot in the fascinating possibilities of the future.

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