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Open Missing Persons Archive








Building an open archive to track and report missing person cases

Open Missing Persons Archive (OMPA) is a platform designed to assist with the investigations of missing and unidentified body cases. By utilizing technology and community, we aimed to streamline the process of tracking, reporting, and resolving these cases by maintaining an accessible, centralized database of all published information.

Across the continent, there are countless missing and unidentified body cases that remain unsolved, leading to distress for families and communities. A lack of centralized, easily accessible information makes it difficult for law enforcement and the public to find crucial details and contribute to investigations effectively.

OMPA addresses this issue by providing an open, searchable database containing information on current, unresolved, and resolved cases. With the help of a user-friendly interface, users can query the database to access vital information, allowing law enforcement and the public to collaborate and make progress on these cases. The OMPA platform leverages a ReactJS frontend app ( for an engaging user experience, and a Python Django powered backend API ( for robust, efficient data management. The design concept ( is brought to life through these technologies, creating a valuable tool to help bring closure to affected families and communities.

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