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The Cure to the Boko Haram in Nigeria

President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday, declared that the Federal Government was winning the war on terrorism and will crush the Boko Haram menace by June. 

He said this while addressing the international community during  the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul. The President assured intending foreign investors that Nigeria was safe for business as the menace of the militant islamic sect was concentrated in some sections of the country, and would be stopped by Nigeria’s security forces who were already in control of the situation.
β€œIn terms of security challenges, we have some parts of the country where we have terrorist attacks, but it does not affect the whole country. We are in reasonable control. We have the belief that in the middle of this year; in terms of security of individuals, we will have full control. The danger is limited to some parts of the country. It does not extend to other parts of country,” the President said.  click here for more news

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