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DNN Method Complete Tutorial How To

There Is Some Simple Steps For DNN Hacking

First Of ALL

Download This Shell

Step 1 :

Step 2:Now enter this dork (this is Dork for find DNN Valn sites)



this is a dork to find the Portal Vulnerable sites, use it wisely.

Step 3: 
it will show you many sites, Copy any one of site.

Step 4: 
For example take this site.
Step 5: Now Paste after the site url



so Site is this :

so it will look like this (screenshot below)

Note:  if it will show you like this (see screenshot below) its mean site could not hack find another site

Now Click on File ( A File On Your Site )

Step 8:Now replace the URL in the address bar with a Simple Script


Step 9:You will Find the Upload Option

Step 10:
Select Root

Step 11:
Upload your shell ASp Download it here
After upload 
go for your shell;.jpg
EXample :;.jpg
so you upload shell and shell is front of you look like this (screenshot below)
Click on 

…  again and again till you will see admin

so when it will show you this page admin area page click on UPLOAD FILE TO C:WEBSITESWWW.ITSERVICESPRO.NETWEBSITE
and upload your deface index page so
this is your result
for example see this 

If  you want to deface main page then click on Admin dir and search for index htm or html and click on Edit and copy your deface page code and replace there…:)
thats it (Tutorial by Umer Rock)
All this for Educational purpose

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