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How to Browse for With You Etisalat and Zain Using Iwp5.0 Hhtv5.0

Are you tired of the overcharging cost of bundle plans from your service providers well this ended today .because here is a very innovative and indispensable tool used to tunnel you browsing optimized for security and speed. . .download the HHT 5.0 from here and then use the following configurations for it. . .

Web host
Proxy url
Proxy host
Proxy port

This settings are applied to Etisalat Nigeria. . .configuring it for foreign networks will need a little expertise you can call me +2348162049799 for more help . i am telling you, you aint going to be paying so much to browse freely and securely any longer because with this software you are going to rock full speed

i will send you a username and password which you can try and if ever you will need an account just call me, with the mobile number +2348166969592 or email at [email protected]

For the free username and password call the number +2348162049799 with you name, email, network you will want to use it with and want to be configured and i will send you details CIAO

For a list of servers try this, with its blazing speed 

Etisalat Settings-2 :   (May Not  be Working  )

web host –             or 
web port –

proxy url –      /or

Proxy Host –
Proxy port –


Proxifier Must.

Due to the problems in our net works a few tweaks have not been working so there will be an update on the browse experience in this HHT tunnel

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