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Laugh Out Loud to the Pastor and the Evil Spirit

A fateful Sunday morning, a man went to the church service, not knowing that he was possessed by an evil spirit, that day after the sermon, the pastor raised a prayer point that made every where arouse with prayer which made the spirit in the man to begin to react. .. when this was noticed the pastor called the Ushers to bring the man to the altar.
While he was casting out the evil spirit from the man, it became rigorous to the extent that a dialogue ensued between the pastor and the evil spirit.  so the pastor asked

Pastor: why are you here?
Evil spirit: I am here to help the man win a lottery of $500, 000 U$ Dollars, ,
Pastor: I command you evil spirit leave this mans body and come into mine no. . . LOL

Laugh out Loud. . .ahaha aha aha ah

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