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Why Real Madrid Didnt Play Well Against B. Dortmund in Champions League Semi-final

Cristiano Ronaldo cheats on his girlfriend with Miss Bum Bum Brazil

No wonder Real Madrid didn’t play well against Dortmund in Champions league semi-final.. 

You might wonder why Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t play well during Real Madrid vs Borussia Dortmund match on Wednesday April 24th (Real lost 4-1 to Dortmund)…he had sèx two days before…lol.

Andressa Urach (pictured below) is claiming the star footballer, who is in a serious relationship with Russian super model, Irina Shayk, slept with her in a £12,500-a-night Villa Magna hotel on Monday April 22nd. Andressa is 2013 Miss Bum Bum Brazil queen. She told The Sun UK that Cristiano got in touch with her after seeing her photos online, and had sèx with her just a day after Ronaldo was pictured leaving a restaurant with Irina (pictured left).

Andressa said she took a taxi to the hotel that Monday and waited for Ronaldo at the Lobby. Ronaldo eventually arrived in a grey Audi R3 and parked in an underground car park before taking a private lift to his room, from where he text-ed her his room number. The beauty queen said the sex was great.
“It was incredible, his body’s perfect, like a Greek god. He went on for hours and would not stop talking about my butt.’
Cristiano’s girlfriend, Irina, is known as one of the world’s top swimwear and lingerie models. Meaning her body is bad! Still he cheated on her. How much more us mere mortals! Lol. Men! Choi!!

But looking on the other side, this could be a paid scandal to ensure that the lead man for the Real Madrid team was put in great doubt, so that his misfortune can spread to his teammates. . 

C. ronaldo in a scandal 
Teammates, angry at him for misbehaving
They exchange words and remind him of his previous mistakes and how he is trying to frustrate their game
C. ronaldo talks back to his team mates, 
Maybe a fight, or disagreement ensues, and the training ground becomes non-conducive, which gives the opposite team an  edge. . . 
Just Maybe

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