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Alex Ferguson Retires as David Moyes Becomes New Manager for Manchester United

United appoint Moyes as Ferguson Retires

• Manchester United Board unanimously approves the recommendation of Sir 
   Alex Ferguson
• Moyes to take the helm on 1 July
• Committed to long-term in 6 year deal

• MANU, Manchester UK. David Moyes will take over as the Manager of Manchester United 
  from the 2013/14 season.

David Moyes, 50, has been the Everton manager since 2002, joining after a successful spell as manager of Preston North End. Official Manchester United Site

Announcing his successor, Sir Alex Ferguson said:

“When we discussed the candidates that we felt had the right attributes we unanimously agreed on David Moyes.  David is a man of great integrity with a strong work ethic. I’ve admired his work for a long time and approached him as far back as 1998 to discuss the position of Assistant Manager here. He was a young man then at the start of his career and has since gone on to do a magnificent job at Everton. There is no question he has all the qualities we expect of a manager at this Club.”

Sir Bobby Charlton said:

“I have always said that we wanted the next manager to be a genuine Manchester United man. In David Moyes, we have someone who understands the things that make this such a special club. We have secured a man who is committed to the long-term and will build teams for the future as well as now. Stability breeds success.

“David has tremendous strength of character and recognizes the importance of bringing young players through and developing them alongside world class talent.  At United, I think David will be able to express himself.  I’m delighted he has accepted and I’m looking forward to working with him.”

“I have been very impressed by David’s personal and managerial traits, which reflect the Manchester United values. I have no doubt that he will embrace, and soon become an integral part of, United’s unique culture and heritage.”

Joel Glazer said:

“I am very pleased David has agreed to lead Manchester United into the future. His hard working style and steely determination are characteristics we value at the Club.  He has impressed as a coach for many years now and we strongly believe he will be able to take up from where Alex is leaving off by continuing this Club’s tradition of flair football played by exciting, world class players.”

Avie Glazer said:

“The search for a new manager has been very short.  Alex was very clear with his recommendation and we are delighted that David has agreed to accept the job.   He comes to us with excellent credentials and a strong track record.  I know he is keen to get started and Ed will be sitting down with him as soon as the season is over to discuss plans for the summer and beyond.”

This and many more were referred to David Moyes, even though this wasn’t what many MAN U fans expected but, considerably, and in a critic view, this could be a right choice for the club looking for a long term contract and an English Manager who understood the Barclay’s Premier League from a different prospect in reference to other foreign managers, most of the speculated coaches, like Jose Mourinho and many more might not have been a bad choice, but David Moyes is a right choice.

Andrew said: …………. “

Congrats also to one of the best premier league managers ‘Alex Ferguson’ on his for
very rarely in the history of English football has a manager been seen as ‘the face’ of a club. In the presence of stars from all across the world in the team it is very difficult or rather impossible for a manager to hog the limelight and become a sort of symbol of recognition of a club. However, Sir Alex Ferguson is one man who gave as much identity to the club as the club gave him. For a generation of English football lovers it is difficult to think of Manchester United sans Sir Alex Ferguson.

Alex Ferguson’s retirement as manager was a thought that many Manchester United fans considered sacrilegious. However, after 26 years at the helm of affairs at Old Trafford, Alex Ferguson decided to step down as manager of the Red Devils. United fans were not given much time to ‘mourn’ the declarat
ion as a replacement was declared very swiftly. Defying expectations of Manchester United replacing Ferguson with someone who had extensive European experience, the club and the management, led by Sir Alex Ferguson, shocked many with their decision to appoint Everton manager David Moyes.

With many big names like Jose Mourinho, Jurgen Klopp, and Manuel Pellegrini doing the rounds for the coveted position, the management’s decision to hand over reigns to David Moyes baffled many. However, a close examination of Moyes’ pedigree shows the pattern behind the apparent madness. It is no secret that Ferguson has been an admirer of Moyes and his work ethic. The fact that he spent 11 years in Everton and led a club on the verge of relegation to a succession of top ten finishes must have worked in his favour.

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