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Get a U.S Address in Nigeria and Run a Verified Paypal Account to Shop Online and Ship Anywhere in the World

Have you ever wanted to purchase a product you really loved online, and you just found out that it wasn’t available to you country, can be frustrating right. 

Recently i discovered a method i can use to pay for products online and get them shipped directly to my house through a virtual address that routes my packages direct to my house

The benefits of this is that
  • You can get your own commercial or individual house address
  • Get a U.S phone number that divert calls right to your mobile phone number anytime
  • Purchase goods and shop online with any U.S Merchant and have them sent to your location using your virtual address
  • With the address you can apply for a U.S Visa Debit card and purchase products online without limit, as long as you have funds in your local account
To get started visit MyUS adresss, the number 1 ranked provider of consolidation services in the world, with a proudly maintained accreditation with the Better Business Bureau since 2008.

Access their services using the following membership plans

  • Standard – ideal for the those with only an occasional shipment
  • Premium – best for avid shoppers that would benefit from package consolidation
  • Premium +Mail – Premium with the added ability to receive mail and catalogs.
Why you would love myU.S is because,
  • They have a high level of concern for security, they verify your packages, to make sure they meet to specs for the product purchased
  • Fast track shipping, with hand delivery
  • Fraud free and has various add-on services you would love, even if you don’t have a credit card, MyUs can purchase to goods for you, charge you directly and ship to you

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