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Managing Christmas Depression

Christmas is almost a week away and like they say, depression is tough at the best of times. Perhaps it’s the best of times as the holiday/season of Christmas is when it’s especially tough.

You may want to run away and hide from the noisy busyness and the social obligations. Or you may want to lash out at the insensitive and uncaring people who exhort you to “Cheer up!” Or maybe you just want to drown your sorrows with carefree eating, drinking or careless TV-watching. But none of these options—running out, lashing out, or pigging out—will improve your depression. Indeed, they will only make it worse.

But if you would let me propose a better way


perhaps too obvious, extremely important


While it’s not wise to totally withdraw from social life during the holidays, neither is it wise to force yourself to go to every social gathering. so PLAN your routine properly


Sharing is caring and I mean it both ways, share both the goodies of your life and the baddies 😀 with those you care for and care about you.

Most importantly let the joy of the lord be your strength



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