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What can a course in programming do to you ?

So you may be wondering what benefits you get from learning how to code, apart from the obvious benefits, learning how to code can help you

  • Improve your perception and thought process
  • Add value to your current role or position
  • Teach you discipline as (programming requires discipline)
  • Help you get a job (There are a lot of testimonies out there about totally beginners getting a job after completing a coding program)

It is very easy to get started with online resources that make it easy and have a very welcoming community where you can learn from

Have you considered learning to code

If you are not convinced yet, these are life changing testimonies from people who after taking a course in programming improved and transformed their lives.

I’m a Woman Who Learned to Code and, Honestly, It Changed My Life

Lessons from 7 self-taught coders who now work full time as software developers

Student Testimonies from Favcode54

Student Testimonies from Codecademy

I just got a Front End Dev job. And I have freeCodeCamp to thank for it…

FCC Testimonies

Published: Wed, 23 Jan 2019 00:00:00 +0000

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