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Nature, the Mother of Tech

I never really figured out the angle for this post, so I’ll just dump stuff here until it makes sense from a user point of view.


Birds could fly before the wright brothers created the plane, possible to argue is the statement that they didn’t create the plane, according to their patent, which stirred controversy for over a decade and even after their death. The Wright brothers claimed to have created an aeronautical flying control system which proves that we were only trying to understand what nature had already designed, flight, which eagles and birds of all kinds have been utilizing, although the Wright brothers weren’t the only ones working on the invention of flight systems during their time, why theirs succeded was because other inventors were more focused on creating highly efficient flight engines, without considering the conditions of the pilots who would control the plane, thus the Wright brothers were able to breakthrough because they designed from the Pilot’s perspective, doing so would enable them conduct further user experiments to improve flight control and efficiency, citing a case where nature is one step ahead of us.

Nature and biology has already perfected theories which we today seek for in science and technology.

Consider machine learning and Neural networks, and How Trees already have a deep link of communication. Did you know that when cut the grass in your fields or pluck a freshly grown rose flower, the scent you perceive with your nose, as perfume from the flowers, or greens from the grass is actually a distress call to nature made my the flowers for ..

Machine Learning and Deep learning leverages the concept of neural networks and decision trees in order to build highly complicated recommendation and learning systems.

Trees today has VOCS and mycorrhizae which allow them to shutdown or call for help, If you love foraging grasses and picnics you will realize that when you seat on the grass for so long, its only a matter of time before unfriendly insects begin to disturb your peace, because their neighbouring grasses have called for their help to push you human away from sitting down on them and suffocating them of air. piece of advise change your location.

Nature loves when tech is working in its favour, that’s why we find Cannabis and Agritech startups receiving the best in support they need. Twiga Food lands over $30Million in Financing

Neural networks existed within the deep roots of trees that allow them to share nutrients and communicate.

Trees have their neural networks : The applications of deep learning are growing so vast that it has made a great headway into areas requiring heavy computing. And, the elements that make up DL models — artificial neural networks (ANN) — can be said to be the driving force behind the subject.

In the paper Distilling a Neural Network Into a Soft Decision Tree, Hinton and Prosst tell why decision trees are preferred to elucidate neural nets. “Unlike the hidden units in a neural net, a typical node at the lower levels of a decision tree is only used by a very small fraction of the training data so the lower parts of the decision tree tend to overfit unless the size of the training set is exponentially large compared with the depth of the tree.”

Hinton and Frosst use the neural network itself to train on a decision tree. If large amounts of data are encountered, poor statistical efficiency observed in decision trees is nullified by neural nets. An important point here, ‘soft decision trees’ are considered to train the neural net. Soft decision trees mean children nodes (also known as the leaf or terminal node if it ends here) in a decision tree are assigned a certain probability. Also, all leaves contribute equally to the final decision in the tree.

Chameleons can change their color according to their environment in order to blend in

Bug and error reporting, Garbage collection

Blockchain today is trying to relive the same concepts of publicly immutable ledger where all transactions are recorded and known among all parties, today we relive that concepts already in childbirth, whereas we have smart contracts where two conditions meet for a transaction to be recorded on the ledger, in childbirth we have two more so dumb contract where consent is given by two parties and there is a constantly estimated time to arrival ~9months with which a transaction can be recorded as complete.

Blockchain and Childbirth

Blockchain can be used to prove ownership when procuring or disposing of an asset. It can also help to track the history of an assets and related maintenance activities.

A Blockchain is a type of diary or spreadsheet containing information about transactions. Each transaction generates a hash. … If a transaction is approved by a majority of the nodes then it is written into a block. Each block refers to the previous block and together make the Blockchain

Important to note

  • AI exists because of Natural Intelligence (Today Chams can auto adapt- case study)
  • Neural Networks existed within Trees
  • Blockchain Networks are trying to do what DNA’s have been doing long time ago

So what modern invention are we looking in tech today that we cannot link to nature.

Published: Sun, 03 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0000

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