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My recent obsession with xyz domains

I just realized that all the domain names I’ve purchased since the beginning of this year have been .xyz domains. and when I refer to domains, I mean personal domains for my pet projects, side projects and experiments.

I really can’t explain how this happened, but walking backwards some of the things I have noticed are

  1. .xyz domains are cheap in their first year, which is great for experimentation
  2. .xyz domains have a nice ring to it, almost like saying .eth
  3. There’s an underlying cultural vibe to choosing an .xyz domain — it feels “based 😂
  4. Farcaster!!! since I joined Farcaster, the decentralized alternative to twitter, it been feeling like a signal as all the channels and projects within that space favor a .xyz domain over any other.

I think the .xyz domains carry an aesthetic and cultural appeal that resonates with a my current state of mind. The very letters “xyz” imply a vast expanse of possibilities that is up to me to imagine.

No limits, no cornering (.ai / .io / .so / .com) — just vibes and chill while giving the world an address to connect with whatever my mind is creating at the moment.

There’s more

I decided I was going to get a first name basis domain for my identity, but to my surprise, it wasn’t cheap, none of the names were available, and I’m now wondering how I slept on this and didn’t acquire my names when this TLD arrived.

If you know someone who has a $100k and is willing to give it out for free, connect me 🤣

As with all things, I expect that this too shall pass and maybe someday I would look back and wonder why I bought a lot of .xyz domains in the first place 😂🤣🤣

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