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Root for All Andriod Devices Including Ics/ Jelly Beans With a Simple Click


Thanks to a group of smart developers, solution to andriod jailbreak for almost all devices have been resolved, as long as it runs on Ice cream Sandwich ‘4.0’ or its Jelly Bean you can jailbreak your andriod device. I small script which is able to root ICS/JB phones. It uses a remount timing issue in Androids “adb restore” service. 

This rooting method works for Most MTxx65 devices and inclusing, 
Techno N3, D series and N7
Infinix, Race, Infinix Bolt, lite and most of ther versions using Andriod 4.0 Up 
Htc Devices are supported, Samsung and sony also 

So normally it should work on nearly all ICS/JB devices, for some it won’t but the idea may work in a slightly modded version.
There is a case for Xperia T and Xperia S,P etc. phones, this phones run ICS but don’t have android’s native restore with adb, Sony has added a own custom “Backup&Restore” app, the script handles this cases too, just choose the correct option!

Root ICS/ JB andriod
For Xperia S 2.55 Firmware look in this thread: Root Xperia

1.) Download attached file.

** You also need Adb driver installed, For windows download Adb driver installer
2.) Extract it using 7zip
3.) Double click the RunMe.bat and follow instructions!
Xperia phones with “older” firmware = Normal mode
Sony Tablet and similar = Special mode
Xperia phones with JB Firmare
more output!


Updated to v10 – Just updated Superuser app and su binary

Updated to v11 – Added sync to Special mode, thanks to smokey_joe

Updated to v12 – Added ric for Xperia T, device will not reboot anymore on system remount + Full Unix script (thanks codeworkx for port)

Updated to v13 – Fixed selfmade bugs -.-

Updated to v14 – Fixed several Unix bugs, added support for more devices with RIC, no more reboot issues on this devices after remounting system partition to RW

Updated to v14_2 – Just a fix for Unix SH script (thanks to shadyabhi)

Updated to v15 – Fixed “lagging devices”, just re-root a lagging device and it will be fine

Updated to v16 – Added a 10 second delay before reboot (needed for some devices!)

Updated to v17 – Added more settings to local.prop, hopefully it will work on some more phones now!

Updated to v18 – Fixed “unroot” Option, fixed Linux Version, added a notice for usb-drivers in Windows Version

Updated to v20 – New method by Goroh_kun for Xperia Z/ZL added, maybe also it works for other new Xperia Firmwares! All credits for this belongs to him!

Updated to v21 – Fixed NFC Bug on Xperia Z after rooting !

Updated to v22 – Fixed ServiceMenu Status of Rooting Allowed & Added choice if Superuser or SuperSu should be installed & install other RIC to prevent phones from rebooting @ System RW remount

Updated to v23 – Fixed stupid script error.

Updated to v24 – More robust NFC fix & unrooting improved

Updated to v25 – Fixed Problems with SuperSU (SuperSU reported NOT rooted before) & updated to newest ADB version (be sure to have actual drivers installed!!)

Updated to v26 – Fixed Problem with last step of mode 3. (Now rm -rf of busybox is used instead android one which misses -f flag)

Updated to v27 – Fixed little script error and added a Linux version (chmod +x it yourself) [thanks to jamcswain for the unix script]

Updated to v28 – Reboot issue fixed, NFC more stable fix (Mode 3)

Updated to v29 – Small fixes Updated to v30 – Updated Busybox version, Added Rooting for Google Glass Explorer Edition (thx Saurik for the ab file)


Normal Mode will not wipe any other data, dont worry!

Special Mode CAN wipe your data, Rollback SHOULD restore, but to be sure backup you data somehow!

New Mode SHOULD be able to root all new Sony Firmwares like 2.55 and higher where Normal mode was failing.

Additional info for SONY 2012 Owners:

If your STOCK ROM does not have preinstalles Sony’s Backup&Restore app please visit arielhezi thread, it may help you:….php?t=1898240

Note that ROOTING you DEVICE is at you own risk, you may loose data and at most times also you andriod device might not function, in slightly few cases,

Please if this application jailbreaks your mobile device, be sure to write down your phone model and firmware version for updates and if you encounter problems with your device please comment with the error details, thanks ………

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