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How God Coded the High Priest Order

If Prayer had version control, we can argue that the alpha edition were experienced in the old testament, all protocols went through the high priest into the inner chamber who them dispatched(prayer.actions) through api.heaven. In this model prayer was a single threaded protocol.

Hebrew 7-10

Then Jesus Jesus came it was no longer single threaded through a High Priest. We all had access to the {Global} Object and could speak with the Father (trinity), Jesus christ gave us access to the the event listeners in the HOM (Heaven Object Model), and now we could send our requests directly to the father, more importantly we can stack our events to heaven in a multi threaded fashion, faster than the V8 Engine in NodeJS

Well, this is wild thought and you should have an open mind, in some way I think God is the father of Programmers, and he has replicated everything we ever want to think of in software into the processes in humanity.

Published: Sun, 18 Jun 2017 00:00:00 +0000

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