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Your Manager wants you to succeed

We are wired to work, it’s our nature, to glorify God as we cultivate blessing from the created order and contribute value to others through the labor of our minds, hearts, and hands. For most of us this work greets us each Monday morning with a myriad of thorns and thistles. Sometimes we may struggle with our work or with our Managers, Head of Departments, Leaders etc.

Your manager wants you to succeed that’s the hard truth

Given the amount of pressure and expectation in our modern workplaces today, it could be hard to agree that your manager wants you to succeed. Sometimes they may not have the best way of showing it, however, you completing a task helps the company hit some KPI, meet their target and that means results, the type that can help the company’s decision making process.

So for someone who finds themselves under this form of management or leadership its very important that you should be able to :

Do your work without drama

No body likes to shout or talk too much, if you are given a task, get head on with it and clear it off with less drama and clutter.

Avoid giving excuses

This accompanies the drama rule, don’t be or act like an incompetent or relegate yourself to the company liability list, don’t be a farm of excuses.

Ask questions when confused

Not the stupid ones of course, It is however beneficial to be able to communicate your confusion in a clear and concise manner, upper management staff usually don’t have a lot of time on their hands, so these fellows tend to appreciate concise and straight to the point approaches. It also goes to say that, If you’re having difficulties let them know before hand, however, this is not a license to be giving excuses

Remember the Pareto Principle

You remember the 80/20 rule, yeah of course, this time around in the workplace you want to be among the 20% that’s responsible for 80% of the companies output, these output means result that’s helping your organization hit a target.

More importantly be good at what you do. The truth is that your success is theirs too.

I am aware that there could be edge cases where you could be dealing with a difficult manager or boss, if you do find yourself in such situation here’s a simple prayer, where I always find encouragement

Lord Jesus, you know I am having a hard time loving that person at work. Their insensitive words and actions are so wounding and hurtful. I really want to avoid them and at times I want to retaliate against them. Lord, guard my heart from bitterness and resentment. Empower me to look for ways to bless them, to overcome evil with good, and to seek their flourishing. (Romans 12:17–19)

Published: Sat, 02 Mar 2019 00:00:00 +0000

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