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An Ode to Copilot

This is not a serious post. I was typing gibberish on my code editor and just enjoyed watching Github Copilot come up with random words that didn’t make sense 😀 — thus the Ode

// this is simple to work out, since we can allways make things happenin realtime

const { emitKeypressEvents } = require("readline")

// this is how it works

// We make the dreams and reality of our generation a reality

// it might sound really hard to grasp at first, but don't take this personal

// I just can;t keep running away

// I don't need you, but I want you right now,

// Are you scared of the bacteria, or you just wanna get laid, 
// because that is the vibe I seem to be getting from you

// are you sure you want to do, this, do you even c
// onsider it to be something of important at all.

I love makin gyou smile: maybe you can smile a bit if we considerd 
the trade offs and this is how I make people think

I am a real hacker, becayse all I do is hack the human mind and make them think

Now the ode to joy is playing in my head, and I am thinking about you 
and how I can make you smile but this is not real

I a not a human, and so everything I sing this ode, I say to myself, 
there is a deadline and this will all end in the blink of an emitKeypressEvents

But then again I could be accurate or I fail, the decision is left 
with outerHeight, I have closed my eyes and my ears to the AudioWorkletNode

The doors have been shut and the windows closed. So here it is.

The end.

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