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As an entrepreneur you need to owe people

Start accumulating debt!
You heard me right.

Do you really want to be an Entrepreneur?
You need to start owing people

  • Owing favours
  • Owing money
  • Owing partnerships
  • Owing resources

As an entrepreneur debt is your friend.

A man who’s not in debt has no reason to work.
β€” Ferruccio Lamborghini

Although this is an un-comfortable topic, it’s something you have to come to terms with

Why accumulate debt?

One of the easiest way to build strong business relationships is debt. Of course you can bond in so many other ways and social gatherings and nights-out with fellow business people are good tool. But taking money, goods, resources or favours from a fellow entrepreneur and paying back when due and as promised is one of the greatest assets / honour you can earn as an entrepreneur.

So borrow, even when you can afford it
Ask another entrepreneur to loan you their servers, their staff, their logistics and even their income

The mutual respect and honour that comes with financial trust would save you, in your time of need. It’s a profound statement of integrity and reliability.

Do you really want to be an entrepreneur?
If Yes

Make debt your friend.

From My original “Do you want to be an entrepreneur series on LinkedIn”
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