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My Digital Garden

A collection of essays, notes, and half-baked explorations I’m always tending to.


I launched a new startup and shut it down in two weeks

I’m no longer interested in pursuing the creation of “cool” products just for the sake of novelty. Instead, my focus has shifted towards tackling the more mundane, yet profoundly impactful, technological problems that have the power to truly make the world a better place

As an entrepreneur you need to owe people

One of the easiest way to build strong business relationships is debt. Of course you can bond in so many other ways and social gatherings and nights-out with fellow business people are a good tool. But taking money, goods, resources or favours

Entrepreneurship 101 — “Dont loose your shit”

As a founder of a startup in Africa, Tolu has to deal with funding constraints, regulatory hurdles that feel like mood swings while also struggling to hire and retain top talent. However, amidst the chaos, Tolu has learnt to not …

Locally “Global” Startups:

So, for startups aiming to be locally global — locally relevant and valuable to your home community while creating significant impact on a global scale. The question remains …

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