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Welcome to the Age of Talent, Not skill

There is a term that I and the team at tecmie have consistently been referencing which is H.I.T.L. Short for Human In the Loop. H.I.T.L is critical in today’s world considering how AI has been flourishing in the past months.

For the past few years, the narrative has been about putting in at least 10,000 hours into a particular skill and mastering that niche so well; however the advancement in technology and Generative AI, expertise is now evenly distributed, and we are beginning to see the narrative shifts from mastering a niche to harnessing machines. No longer is singular talent the zenith, but the skill to navigate AI.

A case for H.I.T.L

Harnessing Machines is going to be the new super-skill. Gone are the days of singular mastery. Today, a machine complements, even surpasses, individual talent. The prowess lies in skillfully orchestrating AI tools to achieve desired outcomes.

By skillfully engaging with AI, unlocking potentials beyond individual talents. It’s not what you can do alone, but what you can achieve with your new assistant(s).

The Tweet that inspired this post

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