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Boiled Plaintain

Not so early this morning I had breakfast, not the usual kind but before we get to that let’s talk about the period before this.

We had harvested a bunch of plantain from the farm few days ago, unripe as they were, some had begun to get ripe, and today we had only one ripe plantain from the fold, my junior sister favour, the amazing chef at Besoma Kitchen had decided she was going to preserve it till later today to make some Fri-ta-tas, while I hungry as I was this morning, saw the plantain as an opportunity to make a really nice breakfast combo of white rice, some boiled plaintain and vegetable sauce; not knowing about favour’s intention, I quickly did as my imagination had pieced together for me.

I cut the plantain and made my combo; favour coming into the kitchen seeing my actions, then screamed and said oooohhh I should have hidden it.

Yes of course she should have, just like every entrepreneur should patent their idea, register their company and probably not wait for that time they think is best to initialize and start building their product.

Never wait because some hungry fellow from anywhere in the world or your brother could come in and do something with the idea, raw material, available opportunity you had and solve a similar problem be it (breakfast, lunch or dinner); the world is alway better without hunger πŸ˜€

So trust me you are better off starting now, and I mean right now, go back to that Kanban board or whatever and push that card to the in-progress.

And lest I forget to mention, I ended up sharing my combo with favour.

Published: Mon, 28 Jan 2019 00:00:00 +0000

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