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7 Valuable guides for Living

I was recently going through my document archive and found some age long advise I had given myself, which I consider very valuable advise to anyone, so here I am sharing it with you and I hope it turns out to be very useful to you too. These are my 7 valuable guides for living

1. Know what you have

Knowledge is power, it’s rival is the illusion (the thought of knowledge that does not exist), if there is something you need to be sure of, make certain, information pertaining to what skills you have, what resource(s), and how readily available these are to you, If you need to drive a nail into the wall, check your toolbox, whether you have a screwdriver or a hammer. Knowing what you have allows you to equip yourself efficiently for any task, challenge or opportunity ahead.

2. Do a mental audit on your assets

This means you should put a number to what you have, what metric are you using to track your collection of information, how many certificates are associated with that academia you’ve optained, how much in ($) your favorite currency is all your assets, within your available competency can you list them out, like saying I’m proficient with (Photoshop, Sketch and Figma). So please do a mental audit on your asset (knowledge, money, information) and assign to them a metric for accountability.

3. Value what you have

If the bus is age old, but can still shuttle from Lagos to Benin, value it, If you have a family that is yours, value them, someone who loves and cares for you should be valued, the little house, office, phone, laptop, audience, followers, congregation you have are extremely valuable and should be cherished.

4. Use what you have

If you have a screw and need to drive a nail into the wall, find a way to get it done. You apparently are equipped with everything you need, trust your instincts, and put your thoughts to action, you can organize that event with friends and little to no sponsorship and it would be massive. The principle of using what you have drives down to achieving excellence with the resources that are available to you.

5. The fastest way to solve your problem is to find those who have that problem and start solving it

We’ve heard it in the past, two heads are better that one, yeah you have also heard that problem shared is half solved, the idea is not to moan about the problem without looking for a solution, but in finding people who share a similar problem, you may be able to identify the root cause of that problem faster, and much better ways to tackle such issues than the one you may have thought of implementing, as it is with Startups and Entrepreneurs today, Market research is a key element in the building phase of an MVP, more importantly because in sharing the problem with those who already have it and proposing a solution, you find innovative ways to deal with the problem.

6. Every problem you have is a clue to a problem you are about to solve

Software programmers will definitely understand this one, we face it everyday, solving one bug gives you insight to the next bug you are about to solve. When a childs shoe lace looses while he is playing in the field, the present problem (loose shoe) is a gateway to learning how to tie a shoe lace properly, and in doing that, he also learns how to keep his shoes tight, the shoe is no longer a mystery. So look at the problem you are facing now, and i’m certain you can find an opportunity if you broaden you mind towards it.

7. Keep distributing what you have

By distribution this is not limited to tangible, quantifiable resources, whatever you own can be shared, its a matter of choice, if you know something find ways to share it, not only does it thicken your knowledge, you just created a reference for that information when next you need it. the first rule is that you own this, so this is not about sharing something that crossed your way coincidentally, knowledge, assets, resources, find ways for it to outreach, take note that distrubution does not have to be free of charge, but its important that it also helps and solves a problem for the person who is getting access to it.

More importantly, play with the cards you’ve been dealt with, and if you dont have any BLUFF

Published: Sun, 03 Feb 2019 00:00:00 +0000

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