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AI Kenya β€” MawAidha Session with Andrew

I had the honor of being a part of the first mawAIdha session event, hosted by Ai Kenya. As an entrepreneur, AI consultant, and the creator of ChatKJV, I was thrilled to share my journey and experiences with the audience.

Pollmarket EVM Contracts

Pollmarket Smart Contract Introducing Poll Market, a smart contract on the Polygon EVM blockchain designed…

Open Stateman

Open Stateman Year: 2018 Opensource: Github Repo Our mission is to create an open, inclusive,…

Chakra-UI RJSF

Chakra-UI React JSON Schema Form PR 1640: #1640 Merge PR: #2688 Year: 2021 0 Wanna…

Soro soke Radio

Soro soke radio Repo: Github Year: 2020 0 Wanna Share?