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My Digital Garden

A collection of essays, notes, and half-baked explorations I’m always tending to.


LabAI SDK Example Repo

LabAI SDK Example Repo An SDK repository that shows how to integrate the LabAI SDK…

LabAI Nodejs SDK

Package: @tecmie/labdoc-sdk Demo: @github/labdoc-example Labdoc SDK Labdoc SDK is a collection of tools for interacting…

Scrape GPT

Use GPT-4 to scrape any remote website based on a URL Year: 2023 NPM: npm/scrapegpt…

🔐 Pidgin Ipsum

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Pollmarket EVM Contracts

Pollmarket Smart Contract Introducing Poll Market, a smart contract on the Polygon EVM blockchain designed…

Decoding the Future: NFTs, Web3 and Open-source Economies

This talk centers around NFTs & Opensource economies, however given it’s first principle narrative, it can be used to visualise every other aspect of decentralised economies that run atop a blockchain network.

🔐 Daccred

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Open Stateman

Open Stateman Year: 2018 Opensource: Github Repo Our mission is to create an open, inclusive,…

Defi Asset Tracker

Defi Asset Tracker The Blockchain dApp to Track your Assets A Blockchain DApp to track…
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