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My Digital Garden

A collection of essays, notes, and half-baked explorations I’m always tending to.


Team Leadership Roles

From Dr. Meredith Belbins research on Team Leadership roles based on Action-Oriented, Thought Oriented and…

Objective Driven Team Structure

Team members are often chosen for the wrong reasons: for example, they are often chosen because they have an interest in the project, because their wage is affordable, or most often simply because they are available.

Why do teams fail ?

Most team problems arise from a lack in MOI, which stands for Motivation, Organization and Information, evidence from retrogressive teams prove that the lack of initial motivation and drive, or a clear sense of hierachy

Nature, the Mother of Tech

Birds could fly before the Wright brothers created the plane, Neural networks existed within the deep roots of trees that allow them to share nutrients and communicate

Nigeria Decides 2019

On the 23rd of February Nigerians will decide a New President. Who we expect will lead us to the promise land

Your Manager wants you to succeed

We are wired to work, it’s our nature, to glorify God as we cultivate blessing from the created order and contribute value to others through the labor of our minds, hearts, and hands.

Defining who we are

We work every day, somehow it seems like most of us were wired this way,…

7 Valuable guides for Living

I was recently going through my document archive and found some age long advise I had given myself, which I consider very valuable advise to anyone, so here I am sharing it with you

String Reversal in Javascript

In this javascript algorithm, I would be sharing with us different methods to reverse a string in javascript. This is a common exercise in coding interviews, entry level algorithm challenges

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